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By: BlazinStreetz.comPosted On: 06/14/2010 1:57 P

It was another scorching day here in Atlanta, and while you all were trying to beat the heat, Blazinstreetz was headed over to a photo shoot for R&B heartthrob, Sammie. The ĎKiss me through the phoneí singer posed for the camera, sporting his grown man swag all while  ustreaming the shoot for his adoring fans. ďTake off your shirtĒ, one female viewer chatted. He complied. After the shoot, Sammie sat down with BlazinStreetz and put us up to date with where heís been, what heís up to these days, and most importantly, when will we be blessed with another album for the true R&B lovers.
BlazinStreetz : Whatís good Sammie? Tell us where you been man? What projects are you currently working on?

Sammie: Iím getting ready to headline the Youngest N Charge tour for the summer. We're kicking it off June 23, out of San Antonio, Texas. So Iím excited about that. Iím also in the process of putting together a quality mixtape to let the people marinate over that over the summer. My junior album, Coming of Age, is eighty percent done. StarCamp, StreetLove, and Interscope is a movement. Just trying to stay out there and stay relevant while giving people quality music.
BlazinStreetz : Whoís accompanying you on the Youngest N Charge Tour?

Sammie: I know Soulja Boy is doing a couple of dates, Jabar, the whole Stacks on Deck gang, and Hurricane Chris will be there. Theres going to be a lot of special guest, I think theyíre trying to get Julez Santana on some dates. Weíre doing 32 cities; go to if you want to know where Iím going to be. I think itís a tour thatís needed. Thereís not a lot of tours going on for the youth right now and we're all young, The Youngest N Charge tour! Itís going to be crazy. Go to ticket master and get your tickets. Itís going to be a lot of fun. I canít wait. I hope to see yaíll there
BlazinStreetz : Speaking of youth, tell us a little bit about your Youth Foundation.

Sammie: Thatís my new baby. Itís something that we launched January of this year. Shout out to Josh King and Melissa who is the head coordinator over my foundation. I feel like as an artist we're put in certain positions where we can be a positive influence for the youth. Teachers can talk to kids all day and they'll ignore them simply because they feel like they canít relate. So me being 23 and actually taking four years off to go back to high school and get my education, I think they can listen to me and take it in a little better than if it was an elder. We're just reinforcing education by going to different schools and giving them words of encouragement by letting them know that the sky is the limit. Thereís some artist that you canít relate to and I feel like me, Iím just an ordinary dude doing extraordinary things. If I can do it, you can do it.
BlazinStreetz : Tell us about your new project. What producers did you work with on the new album?

Sammie: StreetLove of course. Shout out to Jasper and Big Reese, theyíre my extended family. The Corner Boys on the project and Lil Ronnie. I didnít want to work with too many different producers on this project simply because I feel like the albums that are successful have a sound to it, and a certain feel to it.  So not only can you hear it but you can see it too. Kind of like a movie. I do want to get in with B. Cox cause I feel like I need another "Come With Me" record. Also, Shondrae aka Bangladesh and then Iím good.
BlazinStreetz : Is there any artist that you want to work with?

Sammie: Iím a big Usher fan and Iím happy to see him back because I know a lot of people wrote him off and didnít expect him to do the units heís doing. ĎOMGí is number one in the country! I would love to do something on some big brother/little brother type stuff one day with Usher. I think that we would be a great collab and really a dream come true for me.
BlazinStreetz : Have you made yourself at home with your new label, Interscope?

Sammie: Yeah! I still got to get around in the building and shake hands. I always say getting the deal is half the battle and once youíre in the building you still have to get your own buzz and your own worth back up for them to hop on the Sammie bandwagon. But I love Interscope. Shout out to DJ, Mannie, and Jimmy Iovine of course. Iím just happy to be in a new and bigger situation and I cant wait to get the ball rolling.

BlazinStreetz : You are quite the ladies man on Twitter; Over 100,000 strong. How has Twitter, and other social networks, helped your career?

Sammie: It has helped me substantially. Of course there is some good and some bad. You might tweets some things that are TMI or something you shouldíve kept to yourself but in the same token, the fans get a glimpse of who I am. Today I asked my followers what they have learned about me since following me and I got so much positive feedback. Some said I was silly, crazy, humble, and down to earth. Itís all about staying active with my fans. I use Twitter and ustream. I still have a Myspace. My Facebook is connected to my tweets. Itís really about having that connection with the fans because theyíll keep you relevant.

BlazinStreetz: And finally, the inevitable question. Your female fans has to know, is there a special lady in your life?

Sammie: I am currently single. Iím a free bird and looking for a special young lady. Iím at that point where Iím still partying and finding myself, but at that same time, Iím doing a lot of things with my life that I would like to share with a significant other. So ladies, get at me.

BlazinStreetz : What do you look for in a girl?

Sammie: She has to be God fearing. She has to have ambition and be understanding. After that, letís just laugh and make each other laugh and enjoy each other.

BlazinStreetz : Is there anything else you want to leave with your fans?

Sammie: First and foremost, I appreciate everything that they have done for me. Theyíve stayed down with me and allowed me to grow and expand as an artist. There arenít too many twelve year olds that come on the scene and still be around at twenty-three. My situation hasnít always been squeaky clean. Thereís been a substantial amount of time between each project; four years after my first and then another four after ĎSammieí due to contract issues and old management. So, I just want to thank you all for being patient and giving me a chance to live my dream. I am forever thankful.

Interview by Kori James

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