Rick Ross: Meek Mill "Represents The Struggle Of The Black Male"

By: hiphopdx.comPosted On: 05/12/2015 2:49 P

Rozay also compares himself to Jay Z, Puff Daddy and Birdman.

Rick Ross stands behind Meek Mill on the latest issue of XXL Magazine.

The Hip Hop publication crafted two separate cover stories for the Maybach Music Group members.

Rozay's story, "We Do This," examines the MMG boss' thoughts on Meek Mill's likability and what he has learned from watching Birdman, Jay Z and Puff Daddy.

Ross believes that Meek Ė who was imprisoned last year for five months Ė "represents the struggle of the Black male."

"When Meek makes his music, the streets connect on so many different levels; they know itís real, they know itís authentic, they know Meek giving them the truth," Ross says. "From being that young nigga with the nappy braids battliní niggas on the corner to being the hottest nigga in the streets. The streets gonna give him the keys, the streets gonna give him the crown. Got the baddest bitch in the game on his shoulder."

Meek's prison bid ultimately delayed his second studio album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. The Philly native also missed out on millions of dollars.

"He lost seven figures off the road," Rozay says. "He was away from his family, his son. But Meek took it like a soldier. Every time I went to see him, he was focused. He only spoke about things he could control. And that gave me a whole new respect for the homie, on some G shit. And when he came home he wanted to give, not only to his fans who wrote him so many fuckiní letters that they thought it was mail fraud coming through, but the niggas that he was in there locked up with, messages to the fans from them...But he seen for the first time that when he got locked up he saw the ripple effect and what he really meant out in these streets."

The Hip Hop "Cash King" also compared himself to Hip Hop moguls Jay Z, Puff Daddy and Birdman.

"Iím even a bigger threat than them," Ross says. "Because all the genius moves theyíve been able to pull off Iíve been able to watch and study from the sideline. I got to see some of these dudes make the biggest electronics deals, the biggest lifestyle deals, the clothing brands, whatever it may be. I got to see that before it was actually my time and I got to prepare and do what bosses do. Plot, big time. Remain war ready. And I think right now we in a position where in two or three years there wonít even be a doubt who the powerhouse is in this game."


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