Chris Rock Explains Why Eminem's Not In His Top Five Rapper List

By: hiphopdx.comPosted On: 12/29/2014 2:36 P

"People get angry when you don't mention Eminem," Chris Rock says.

Sitting down with Angie Martinez to promote his latest movie, Top Five, Chris Rock joked about why didn't include Eminem in his list of favorite rappers.

"The new rule is Top 5's without mentioning Jay 'cause it's just boring at this point," he said, speaking with Angie. "It's always boring 'cause it's like, 'Jay, Jay.'"

"People get angry when you don't mention Eminem," he later said. "They really like, 'Hey! Eminem's one of the greatest.' Okay! He's good. I'm not a big 'Stan' guy. I like 'Stan.' I loved him on 'Renegade.' He's great on 'Renegade.' I like him on a lot of stuff. I like 'Stan' but you don't hear 'Stan' at the club, ever. Not any club I wanna be at. 'It was hot last night and then they played "Stan."' 'What? Where were you? Did they play "Stan? Was it a remix or something?'"

Speaking about the movie and Jay Z's role as an Executive Producer, Chris Rock made light of the rapper's expanding role outside of music.

"Jay Z is an Executive Producer of my movie and black Annie," he said. "Jay Z's getting it in. He's getting it in."

Asked if the role represented funding from the rapper and Roc Nation founder, Rock said, "No, I wish."

"He kind of puts his name on there," he said. "I think it's easier to clear music when he's involved. I'm not really sure. I see him as much as you probably. I see him. When do I see Jay? I see him at a game...Jay never hurt anything. Jay hasn't exhausted his name yet. There's no Jay Z doughnuts. Or towels. He doesn't whore his name out too much."


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